Your in laws

@jchampany (1131)
United States
February 5, 2007 4:23pm CST
How do you feel about your sisters-in-law? I have issues with my younger brothers wife. I think she is selfish, prissy, and thinks that the most important thing in life is that you make every one else believe that you are better than they are. She is one of those dumb blondes that think only about herself. My biggest issue is that I can tell that my brother isn't happy. He won't tell any of us that though because before he got married we told him we thought he was making a mistake. No matter what he did we would stand by him but wanted him to understand that we don't think his new wife loves him like he loves her. Her only care in the world is herself. I have not seen her change her selfishness since they got married. I asked my brother the other day when the last time she did something just because she was thinking of him, not her. I don't mean buy him something either. I just mean something nice just for him, draw him a bath, rub his feet, tell him "honey, I Love you", anything like that. He had no answer. I have an older brother who is also married and she is the sweetest person. You can just see the love between the two of them. Why can't she just be more like that. It is obvious to everyone that knows my brother that he is not happy. The only one that doesn't notice is his wife. She is too busy worrying about herself. Anyone else have issues with their in laws?
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