Why are kids at school so mean? ((Four eyes))

United States
February 5, 2007 5:01pm CST
Why are kids at school so mean? My daughter always comes home upset that she has to wear glasses to school everyday. She does not enjoy them at all but needs them because she is far sighted. She has even come home to say she broke her glasses when she was playing at school that day, but I assume it was kids at school, or even her doing it out of spite. Glasses are not cheap now-a-days, how should I combat this probelm? How old should you be to get contacts? I'm afraid a child wont have the responsibility for contacts? Any help would be appreciated!
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@kgwat70 (13396)
• United States
5 Feb 07
Oh gosh, this brings back memories when I was a child in my early school days. Kids always made fun of me as well since I wore glasses then and still do now. They called me four eyes and all other types of names. It was very hard to deal with back then and obviously it is still happening now. I am sorry that your daughter is experiencing this feeling. You should probably call an eye doctor to see when a person can start wearing contacts. They would give you the best advice on that. Taking care of contacts is a big responsibility.
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6 Feb 07
Thank you I will call the eye doctor tomm. I never had glasses as a kid so I wouldnt know. I would really appreciate more feedback on this subject so I can help her cope.