URGENT: Bloggers - Webmaster - Beta test members needed. Only allowing a certain

United States
February 5, 2007 6:24pm CST
number of beta testers before they close off to new members. A better way to earn income instead of using Adsense or YPN. You can earn income rather you sign up as a advertiser or publisher. Never loose your account for fraudulant clicks. Advertisers never worry about paying for fraudulant clicks. Transfer earnings to advertising. Carefully and strategically designed to keep everyone active and making money with four different direct ways. Not MLM, Not a matrix programs, Not a U.S only service provider, Not discriminative of your active preference. You should go straight away to enroll if interested before they close off during their beta. The company forum is awsome. We finally have an ad network that's fair. Become a FAN beta tester. http://www.google-my-yahoo-with-fair-ads-network.blogspot.com
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