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February 5, 2007 7:05pm CST
I'm looking to get rid of my car and I want to know how much I should expect. KBB says ~$3,800 in GOOD condition. I have a dent in the right quarter panel (about 8 inches long), a scrape on the right side door (Both of these were there when I bought it). I have a small dent on the trunk lid where a tree branch fell on it in a freak october ice storm. Another problem: Something shattered inside my door the other day when I was rolling up the window. It's a small plastic wheel.... I guess it's some sort of guide. now my window will barely go up. Should I go to the dealer and spend an outrageous amount of money to get it fixed, or should I sell my car "as is"? I have 150,000 miles on it. It's a 4 door '99 with the 3.4 V6, upgraded to GT Chrometech wheels, SLP Exhaust, and GT tailights. What's the best way to sell this piece??
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8 Feb 07
my boyfriend is a car sales person and i used to be so i know something about cars and value. i have a question first. did you pick retail, private party resale, or trade in? it makes a difference on the price. if you chose retail that's what a car dealership can sell it at. i'm guessing you know what trade in and private party resale are. by the description you gave me i say your car is in fair condition since you have 2 dents and a scrape. that lowers the price of the vehicle automatically. if you fix the window before selling it then it should be ok. the window doesn't take long and it's not too expensive. i paid $40 to get mine fixed. it had a similar problem. i wouldn't go to a dealer to get it fixed though. go to a reputable auto shop. don't worry about the dents in it right now. unless no one buys the car for that reason. i'd say you could sell your car for $2200-$2500. i would sell it by yourself. put a for sale sign on it and put it on a busy street close to your home. so it doesnt get damaged. also put little signs up at a local grocery store or place like that. i wouldn't sell it or trade in to a dealer because they will end up giving you $1000 to $1500. i hope this helps you. if you need anymore information just send me a message. i'll help the best i can. good luck.