I need help!!!

United States
February 5, 2007 8:25pm CST
On my previous classes, I never asked anyone for help or opinion. But since Mylot is here...I think a little help is appreciated! I am currently enrolled in a research class. I know it's an easy or just a pre-req class. I am studying at University of Phoenix and mostly...all we do is write a 7-10 pages of paper and do a presentation. I have an individual paper and I need help on deciding which topic is good for a research. My instuctor said it can be...a cause & effect, compare and contrast or pros and cons. I did research on divorce before on my persuassive paper. Since I cannot plagiarize or re-use my own paper, I need to think on a new interesting topic. Please guys...help me! Thanks a lot!!!
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• Canada
6 Feb 07
Try something that means something to you , like a hobby or something that has always interested you . You could write about someone in your life that has inspired you and why you feel they have . Just try to keep it about something that means something to you as it will be easier to write about your own experience and something that interests you .
• United States
6 Feb 07
Thans for responding! It is a research paper and I believed that my own experience would not be that necessary at all. I just need an interesting topic that's worth it to be read by anybody. Thanks again!