would you want to hear a show on spirits?

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February 5, 2007 8:26pm CST
i did a show before about the paranormal.. why i can't get alot to join in is beyond me.. would you join in and send in stuff about the paranormal? is it that people are affriad to talk about it? no i don't think so they talk about it to me all the time.. i don't put them down i understand them and try to help them out. if you want to help me out with discussions about the paranormal please tell me.. then maybe i will start my show over again..
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9 Feb 07
I would listen and partiipate
@COLLIS2 (479)
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7 Feb 07
I can send a lot of stuff about the paranormal but I don't know if people would believe it. When I was into Wicca, and just turned pregnant with my last son, who as told by a fortuneteller would be wanted by "evil," lots of strange things began to happen around me. There were two shadows moving in my bedroom. Almost instinctively and I don't know why, I closed all the windows in the room, closed the door, lit a white candle and got something metal, in this case it was a tea kettle. I went into the room by myself and as I saw the shadows get nearer the candle, I shoved the entire thing (candle) into the tea kettle. I wrapped it in black cloth and then stuck it in my oven since I didn't know what to do with it. When my friend came over to watch my kids, I forgot to tell her about it. She called me and told me she left my house with my kids since she saw the oven rumbling and touching it realized it was hot but it was not turned on. I later took the kettle, wrapped it in black cloth and threw it into the ocean.