Global Warming!! Need to Act!!

@pinduko (192)
February 5, 2007 9:09pm CST
It was 15 years ago when I heard about "greenhouse effect"..I was so curious to know about it..what is all about..what it's connection in our daily lives.. Now, "Global Warming" is the main challenge in every nation and every individuals.."Global Warning" is a "climate change" in the earth atmosphere where temperature raises-up in every decade due to human activities. what would be the effects if this things continue to be happened? 1. Abnormality in our climates El Niño and La Niña phenomenon Stong typhoons like huricane Katrina in US Heavy Rains that causes floods in different countries Melting of Ice layer in North Hemisphere Reduction in Ozone layer 2. Increases in spread of diseases like malaria,dengue fever and this "birds flu or avian flu" cancer..etc. 3. Possible raise of water level and could some islands become water world. These are only some of the effects and possibly happened to our mother earth..Now,the question is how we,you will act to contribute in your little own way that may help alot to reduce or slows down this serious matter in our environment?
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• Philippines
6 Feb 07
well, for me we can no longer stop this phenomenon or we can call it the real problem in our time.. it's true day by day , this world changes..i'm afraid too that someday our children's children can no longer see how beautiful the place we lived..Nothing to blame but ourselves.. i think we can start in ourserves, and our community has has immediate response on this..the organizations,goverments and every country, specially those riches countries who contribute much on this global warming through their gas emmisions.. use of paper instead plastic in our daily living..plant more trees..instead buying 2 or 3 cars buy only one and buy some active in promoting pro-environment activities, and share to friends the ideas.. we need to work hand in hand..
@pinduko (192)
• Philippines
7 Feb 07
nice commnent and thank you for concern to, let us others knows about it and may throught this website or dicussion we can let others know what really alarming in our community or society that urgently need to act..i think, riches counties should be the one to lead on this because primarily they are the one emmiting most of this gases that leads to global warming...