Credit/debit cart or keeping the money in your pocket?

@ralevi (1887)
United States
February 5, 2007 11:27pm CST
Do you like to have the money in your pocket or when you get your payment you put all the money in the bank and use your credit/debit cart? I put all the money in to my credit cart because in that way I don't worry about them.
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@danoneism (680)
• Malaysia
6 Feb 07
well i prefer to hav the cash in my hand so i can control my budget... using these card just makes me feel that i can buy everthing without thinking of how many it will cost me...!~
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@blindedfox (3316)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
I prefer to have my money on my Visa Debit than walking around with a considerable amount in my pocket. I usually just have ample cash with me to move around, eat meals and buy some small, inexpensive things. =)
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@Wanderlaugh (1624)
• Australia
6 Feb 07
Let’s finally face it, cash is history, except for the little things. It’s too unwieldy, and it’s a security risk to have it around. How many people actually need to carry large amounts? Criminals, banks, and throwbacks who bury it in the back yard. It’s more hassle than it’s worth, literally, even if the card companies are charging a fortune.