aspburger syndrome

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February 5, 2007 11:55pm CST
has any one heard of aspburgers it is a high functioning autism. my 7 yr old(on the 27th) was diagnosed three years ago i like to say syndrome for some reason saying disorder bothers me.He is a great kid extremely intelegent. his mind fasinates me he's not what you think when you hear autism.he has speach and like i said very smart his pre-school teacher was giving him a math problem befor and he turned around and gave her one.he speaks with alot of repetition. scocial skills are his main issue. that is some thing that will never come naturally for him.when he enteracts with the other kids its all like a script that he has learned.which its rare that he does enteract with kids. he has alot of sensory issues music and singing really set him off. the let him out of having music class.touching is also a sensory issue that he has if you touch him its like he gets startled.he does not make eye contactwhen you speek to him he is awsome at playing video games. he has known how to work the computer since he was three. the thing about this disorder is he looks like a "normal"child tht is harder than if he had some kind of psycal inpairment. Any ways if ant one has a similar situation let me know
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6 Feb 07
Yes , I have experience with it. My son is 13 and has Aspergers Syndrome. It is something that He will live with his whole life and social skills are his problem too. He gets set off by lots of people in one place. He just can not handle it. He too is very intelligent and it boggles my mind how smart he is. I am still learning about the Syndrome myself. My son also repeats himself and makes strange noises over and over again. He is a wonderful kid and I love him for everything he is and everything he is going to be. Robert looks like a normal child also and for most things he is. He has trouble attaining and keeping friendships but the doctors say this will get easier for him through time. I hope I have helped you out a little , you are not alone in the battle.
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27 Jul 09
HI. My son is 8 yrs old and we are just getting to the point of discussing aspbugers. Wow your son sounds almost exactly like my son. He has been this way since preschool. He gets upset very easily. Things that would not bother anyone throw him into a huge emotional outburst. He has no sense of humor and takes everything seriously. Great at computers and video games. teaches himself hard games. Very ahead in school. At 7th grade reading level. I know exactly how you feel. I just don't know how to handle this. My husband has no patience w/ it and that makes it worse. glad to know i am not alone