Has anybody quit the job for MyLot ???

February 6, 2007 12:43am CST
Have you quit ur present Job And doing your surviaval on Myloy money,,, or have you come across to any knid of person like this.... Do you think MyLot is worth quiting Job????
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• India
3 Apr 07
No don't think anyone going to quit their job in sake of mylot because mylot is not paying that much that one can depend's on it ...i think its a good part time job?????what you think???? not at all i have heard anyone of doing such a thing ......
• India
28 Feb 07
ya this friend of mine who suggested me to join mylot has earned a lot on mylot and he even tries to quit his job but I convince him not to because he can work on mylot as part time
@freesoul (3023)
• Egypt
27 Feb 07
Mylot is not meant to be as a job, no one can make enough money here to substitute a real job, only maybe if one has many active referrals they can make good money but even then it would be stupid to quit job for it.. like anything online mylot may just go offline one day or stop paying, or they may even change the rules and some people lose all their advantages , etc.. Just think of it as fun and a way to make a few extra dollars a month but don't depend on it even if it gives you enough cash to live on..
@nic_knick (741)
• China
23 Feb 07
no, i dont think it is good for one to quit job for mylot. in my own opinnion. i think it is a little dangerous if i have done that, even though i am not making a big fortune now, but i can still make my ends meet. i do not have to worry about my food and accomodation. but whatt if i quit my present job, would that be okk? i am not quite sure..
• Philippines
23 Feb 07
no, i am staying with my job, for me mylot cannot give all we want for a job, it is just an extra income. i enjoy my job, and if i have idle time at work, i go here in mylot.. i do it for extra money, and at the same time, enjoy the discussions with people here.
@sidoney (1033)
• Jamaica
23 Feb 07
i'm on here because I am not working right now but would nerver quit my job for mylot pmt is way too low lol mylot is a fun thing not work
@mayenskie (1308)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
Nope, i didn't quit my job because of mylot. I quit my job before i learned about mylot. I think, if you have a really nice paying job, dont quit just to spend more time here because mylot earnings for now won't be able to support your daily needs. Its just a source of extra money. But if you have other means of online jobs and you think you can earn a good living minus a boss, then it is up to you. What i really like in online jobs is that you can work anytime in the comfort of your own home, you dont need to go to shower, dress up and commute everyday. The best thing no demanding boss behind your back.
@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
6 Feb 07
No I have not quit my job and only surviving from mylot I do not work though but that has been for many years as now I am devoted to my husband we already have enough money to live off so mylot is just an added income. Well if you do not have enough money at least it is some more added to your income.
@anne_143god (5390)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
Nope, I dont think so it is right to quit a job just for Mylot for we cant earn that much here for a living. Because the money we can earn here is not that big for a living. I wont quit my job for Mylot but I will go here just to have some extra money and enjoy the site.