do you beleive in luck ? are there really lucky or unlucky person ?

February 6, 2007 1:20am CST
whats your opinion should we beleive in luck or we should beleive in work hard .
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@sidoney (1033)
• Jamaica
6 Feb 07
luck no not me its about who you know, and what you do, where you are, how good you are and where you live its all about choices that get you through not luck
• India
6 Feb 07
LUCK may otherwise be spelt as GOD'S GRACE. The day you are born, your future is all written. Get to listen the Song QUE SERA SERA!!! WHAT EVER WILL BE, WILL BE YOUR FUTURE, IT SHALL NOT BE OURS TO SEE. QUE SERA SERA!!!It is said that One very successful Businessman, when asked the reason behind his success, said - "I AM ALWAYS AT THE RIGHT TIME AT THE RIGHT PLACE". Now what made him to go to the right place. It is only Time or Luck as you may spell out. Every human is ruled by the Stars, Planets, Constellation, which ofcourse is difficult to put together and work out and predict their future.(For any professional astrologist). so luck plays an important role in everyone's life, suported by God's grace.
@vertex (803)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
I don believe so because it matter on the person working capacity because if we really work hard then we can be lucky to live this life long enough for us to enjoy life to the fullest.
@supra_guy (165)
• Romania
6 Feb 07
Definitely in work hard not all persons are lucky...And you can't lay down hoping that your luck will change and win a million $ at he lottery start making money by putting some effort in it and mylot is a good example.