Some gurl proposed me but caste matters !!!!!!!

February 6, 2007 1:33am CST
This question is for all gurls !!! What should I do nw as the gurl I liked the most proposed me but her caste matters as I belong to Punjabi family and she is from Sindhi family. And my father is very strict in this matter. Also I dont wanna marry without my parents permission. So what should be done ???????? Gurls u hav to help me out ......
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@suman76 (648)
• India
6 Feb 07
If you like her and love her and she is capable and having the good things which one partner should have then there is stupidity of leaving that girl. You have to gather a guts and convience your parents that they should agree on this marriage. Don't go against your parents but try to convience them because now no parents wants that their childrens should take some wrong steps in life and they should be unhappy forever. best of luck now it is upto you.
• India
8 Jun 08
try to make such situation so that your and her family will understand what is the actual situationa and what will happen if you wont meet, they are your parents they will easily understood you , but try, dont leave this for your luck.
@babyjane (1395)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
There's nothing impossible about love. You could put away tradition just to follow with whom your hearts beat. If she is worth fighting for? then what's the problem. Fight for your happiness.
@sidoney (1033)
• Jamaica
6 Feb 07
its a choice that your heart has to make you must chose between love and happiness or family. but try speaking to the families or friends of the family some one you trust that would be able to help you make the best or right choice.good luck