BLACK PEOPLE.what your opinion on them.

February 6, 2007 2:37am CST
Black people or blacks are a segment of humans, defined as such based on various political, racial, ethnic, social or cultural classifications. No humans are literally black in the colour sense of the word. There is no universally agreed-upon criteria for who is considered black, and the definition has varied in different time periods and locations. Some assert that only people of recent African descent are black, while others argue that black may refer to all individuals with dark skin, regardless of ethnic origin.[1] The ethnic/racial classification black received something similar to its current meaning during The Enlightenment, when anthropologists of that era defined five human races: Yellows (East Asians), Reds (Native Americans), Whites (Europeans), Browns (Australoids, Indians, Southeast Asians), and Blacks (Africans).[
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@Netsbridge (3242)
• United States
6 Feb 07
I believe Blacks or people with a very high concentration of melanin, were the original humans; and because of this very high concentration of melanin, tend to be better equipped for the harshness of environmental changes. I think melanin may not only affect human's response to environmental changes, but also improves the quality of human characteristics. (Ha, ha) Just my informal deduction!
• Malaysia
7 Feb 07
thank you for responding.i appreciate that. ..