what makes you feel good about yourself?

February 6, 2007 3:44am CST
I feel good when i am taking rest after a hectic work! I feel good when ever i wake up early in the morning, i feel good when I take hot water bath! What about you?
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@babyhar (1335)
• Canada
12 Feb 07
I like to do a few different things every once and a while when I need to feel good about myself or I just need a boost because I'm feeling kind of down. I actually feel better a lot of the time after good night's sleep or a nap. Actually just today I wasn't feeling good so I slept for a good portion of the day and upon waking up around 6 pm I actually felt a lot better than I did before. I also find I feel better too when I eat comfort foods, like my favorite, mac and cheese with wieners cut up in it. Every time I'm feeling down and kind of hungry my other half will go and cook me macaroni and cheese and take two or three wieners and cut them up and mix them into the mac and cheese. I've loved that way of eating mac and cheese since I was a kid, I got really used to it. So eating this dish helps me to revisit my childhood in some ways as silly as this may sound to some.. I also find revisiting my favorite decade tends to brighten up my mood. If I'm feeling low one day or just bummed because the weather is bad, I can always throw in a couple 80s movies and snuggle up with my puppy to lift my spirits. There are so many movies from that time period and they all have a tendency to make me feel good after watching them. I find that most movies nowadays are made with the emphasis heavily on special effects than characters and stories where as the ones from the 80s are more based on acting ability and story. I can't forget to mention watching 80s music helps me to revisit my childhood as well! I also love it when someone who is really important to me does something unexpected and surprises me with it. I used to never really get that done to me a whole bunch and I really do feel like I mean something to someone when they do that to me. When they put enough effort forward and do something that really surprises me I feel that they truly appreciate me. I feel very good when I can turn to someone who means a lot to me and vent if there is something that's frustrating me. It's great to have someone to be able to confide in and find support from when you need it. I know I would do the same for them and try to make them feel better so it's good to know that someone can be there for me when I need them. I like to help someone who is less fortunate or even go somewhere where I can volunteer my time for a good cause. To know that I actually made a difference in someone's life and maybe cheered them up because they weren't feeling all to great. Even if I can just be there for someone while they're going through a tough time in their life that's enough for me to know that I've done some good. I've always considered volunteering my time at a homeless shelter or at an old folks home to give myself a boost and I know it would help them out as well. I've kind of always wanted to work with the elderly and volunteering would be the perfect way to do it! Of course, making someone else laugh is a great way too that you can make yourself feel better. I know just a few days ago me and my other half were in kitchen and we both ended up in the most ridiculous laughing fit in the world. It went on for almost ten minutes and both of our stomachs were aching afterwards. It was great and we both felt great afterwards. So, in conclusion, these are some of the things I will do if I need to feel better or get a boost in my mood. Every time I'm feeling down or low I will turn to one of these different things to make me feel better. It also helps I've got a person in my life who can also help to make me feel good. Thanks for allowing me to share! xx
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• India
13 Feb 07
Thanks for your response. Me too sometimes like to watch good old movies for mind refreshment.
@dpk262006 (56482)
• Delhi, India
6 Feb 07
Rest if a great healer. That too in complete noiseless and polluntion free atromoshphere. It U take rest at a place where there is no noise at all and other things such as light etc. do not distrub you, you get a better sleep. Taking bath with hot water also works as analgesic.