Are you on the right tract??

February 6, 2007 4:37am CST
Everybody has their own private thoughts of what they want to happen in their lives whether it'll be business, social life, lovelife, travel and so on and so fort after 10 or 20 years of their existence. I was tring to reminisce when I was younger the things I want to accomplish when a I get old. Teacher-- that was my greatest ambition. Not until I finished college do I realized that I dont wanna teach anymore. Maybe because there were just so many reasons that overlapped each other and somehow it became the huge cause of my retreat to the profession. Sometimes, I would ask myself.. Am I walking the right path? Yes, I am a teacher,a licensed teacher. But where am I now?? I am working as a clerk in a manufacturing company. Though I could say that I am happy right now but I am not satisfied, finacially..I guess. Perhaps if I am working in a well-established and stable company would I ensure myself that Yes! I am on the right tract. I will not regret that instead of school, I worked in a company. But as the saying goes, it never too late . How about you, are you satisfied with your work? Have you applied your course studied? Are you on the right tract..?
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