Arguments between adult brothers

February 6, 2007 5:01am CST
I have a problem that has been on my mind lately. I have 2 brothers aged 22 and 25. They are very attached to eachother, have always been that way. About a year ago, the younger one got a girlfriend. She is a very quiet girl, very shy but pleasant to talk to. Six months later the other one got a girlfriend too. She is very outgoing, not shy at all, and what passes from her mind comes immediately out of her mouth. You always know where you stand with her. The problem is that both girlfriends are opposites. They do not have one thing in common. They do not stand eachother. The friendlier one in not quite a problem but the quiet one is keeping a bit back. She doesn't want to go to my mum's house just in case she meets the other g/f. Now my brothers are starting to heat up against eachother obviously each of them keeping the sides of their respective g/f. I feel hurt that two little ladies, both of them good ladies, are setting my brothers apart. In my situation what will you do?
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@moirax23 (317)
• Malta
7 Feb 07
The first thing that the girls should keep in mind is to not draw their family members apart, if they really like their boyfriends. Lots of people say that when a stranger woman comes in the family, there's trouble, I think it's because we are very jealous. I suggest they both try to make the most of it and try to enjoy each other's presence, after all, they shouldn't be similar to each other to get on well with each other, if they make a little effort.
@jchampany (1131)
• United States
6 Feb 07
I agree that you should have a talk with the girlfriends. You should explain to them what you are feeling as far as your brothers are concerned. Try not to get angry or mean. Just explain that you see that your brothers relationship is not as good as you saw before the girls came along. Tell them that they should respect their boyfriends enough to deal with the situation and not avoid each other. If they can't respect them and you enough and agree to try to work out their differences so that the boys can maintain their relationships with their families as well as their girlfriends then they should consider what their relationships with the boys is really about. If there is no respect, there is no kind of relationship and it will be difficult for one of meaning to form.
• United States
6 Feb 07
I would have it out with the girlfriends and explain that their petty differences are pulling the family apart. See if that gets you anywhere.
@konyaku (116)
• Philippines
6 Feb 07
the girls are the ones that are supposed to settle their issues. They should know that if they ever got into a relationship, a person should know that there are a lot of unexpected things that could hapen especially when it comes down to meeting the family and getting along with the others that might totally have a personality different from theirs. try talking to your brothers and tell them that they should try discussing this with their girlfriends to settle the issue once and for all. :)