Are dead really dead?

@ramboo (52)
February 6, 2007 6:27am CST
Whats your answer?
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6 Feb 07
Well thats a good question and it could take me all day to answer if we look at it from a religious view point. Some people believe the spirit of those that die is reincarnated. Others believe that they go to a place beyond earth and this is Heaven. I believe that Heaven is but a breath away and if we could touch it or see it just for a moment that would be wonderous. Because we are all going to turn into a spiritual form one day, and in my belief that is air. Just air, nothing more, nothing less. My Grandmother who has passed, is right there in the air, just so close to me I can touch her but I would not feel here but I would sense her. Especially on sunny days, when the sky is blue, I trully believe that spirits are all around me, not fearful, not lost but a different element to us. There is no need for the hindrence of the body there is just air. Yes heaven does exist and God is there, and so is Jesus, with his Mother all the saints but its right there. You cannot see it until he is ready to let you see it.