Bad Breath-to tell or not to tell?

bad breath - this is a very funny picture. it shows a man who likes this chick and she's all like "get away from me you stink dude!"
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February 6, 2007 8:20am CST
You go to kiss someone and before your lips are even touching you can smell a foul stench coming from your lover's mouth. What do you do? Close you eyes and try not to breathe in? Say "gee your breath stinks! jokingly and hope he/she doesn't take offense? or politely offer some gum?Personally I find it hard to confront people..I'd probably just ignore it and it would turn me off seeing that person again..unless i really really like them! But in saying that, when my BF has bad breath I have no problem telling him he stinks and to get in the bathroom and brush his teeth!
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• Philippines
6 Feb 07
lol.. you know what this topic reminds me of one of my classmates from college. he have a freacking hell of a bad breath. whenever we have a group discussion of just casual conversation i always sit far from him cause hes breath really stinks and some of my friends cant hide it you can see that they feel the misery of anyway, none of us have the courage to tell him.. wait acutally i think he already knows it cause he always have this listerene bottle he takes everwhere.
• Australia
6 Feb 07
that's really sad. he should get help. he might have a dental problem. or maybe he has a bad diet..
@missyd79 (3438)
• United States
12 Feb 07
i tell my boyfriend when his breathe stinks just like he will tell me. that is what is so great about having a open and honest relationship.
@Nagareru (308)
• Peru
7 Feb 07
haha i think thats the best way, having confidence with your bf or gf ^^... and about people you know at the first time i think you should give him or her politely some chewing gum or tictacs xD maybe a mentos or something xD... ya because i find it very nasty to kiss a person with bad breath... i'll be feeling not confortable with that kiss...
• United States
6 Feb 07
Sorry but I don't think I would even be attracted to someone if they had bad breath. So I certainly wouldn't be kissing anyone with that.