Making your own lunch

United States
February 6, 2007 8:48am CST
How many people out there still make their own lunch for work? Obviously making your own lunch saves money and can also be more healthy for you. You know what is in your food because you made it yourself! You can take some kind of pride in preparing your own lunch rather than picking up the phone and calling it in. Yeah it make take a little extra time in the morning but isn't it worth it?
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@krebstar5 (1267)
• United States
6 Feb 07
I make my own lunch because it not only saves me money, but it also lets me control what goes into my body. When I make my own stir fry, I don't have to worry about msg or too much hidden fat. Also, bringing my own lunch helps me use up leftovers from the night before. Recently I've been making bentos (Japanese boxed lunches) because it helps with portion control but it also makes the food look more appealing. I've been having a lot of fun making my own lunches. It is really worth the extra time.
@JJLoa44 (346)
• Canada
6 Feb 07
I make my own lunch in the morning most definitely. I actually find the easiest thing to make is a pita pizza. I highly recommend them. You basically just have a pita, some tomato sauce, and whatever toppings you want. Throw them together, heat it up, and you've got an extra yummy lunch. It's best if you have a toaster oven at work, but it would work in the microwave as well I'm having one for lunch today actually. yay for preparedness :)
@Bev1986 (1427)
• United States
6 Feb 07
It's definitely worth it... it's both cheaper and better for you. However, I am guilty of forgetting to take it with me in the mornings... I'll put leftovers from an evening meal into divided containers to take to work and then forget them :( One of these days maybe I'll get better organized and start remembering to take it with me... but I doubt it! I usually end up running next door to a convenience store and grabbing a hot dog.... it really adds up in cost!