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February 6, 2007 10:58am CST
ashley is my best friend, and she has been since i was about 12 years old. but i am only 20 now. but anyway she lives in washington state and i live and south carolina, so she is now getting married and i am the maid of honor, at first she told me they will pay for everything, the flight the dreass, ect. but one by one they go back on their word, meaning i will have to pay for the flight, but she did pay for the dress, it was on sell. so what should i do the flight is going to be about 5oo dollars, and she wants me to miss a week of school, wich i can't really do since its my last quarter. what shoudl i do? plus she deosnt' drive, meaning that i am stuck with her mom picking us up and driving everywhere. i already have the dress
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6 Feb 07
hmm, tough call! It does sound as if this would create a financial hardship for you. I would call her and explain your financial situation. I do understand her needing you to pick up some of the expense, because of the cost of getting married. Hopefully, we all only get married once! I would try to back out gracefully and offer to pay for the dress.