Spidey 3 gona be good?

February 6, 2007 12:20pm CST
with 4 already in the plans, I think with sandman, starting of venom, green goblin its gona be pretty good movie..
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@sbksat (355)
• India
17 Apr 07
spider man 3 is gonna be the best of all the three parts...with one hero against so many mean villains, the movie should be exciting.. the trailer was damn good..the visual effects and camera techniques were great..this movie is definitely goin to be a great money-spinner.
@felicas83 (311)
• Ecuador
13 Mar 07
i think is gonna be great, i already can't wait till may, and see spidy fight against these villains, and to see what comes from this movie, i'm a really big fan of it
@banditwsj (654)
• Indonesia
10 Mar 07
i think this movie looks really nice in the way they have improved over time the characters and the vfx ... In this movie I hope they show where the black costume come from .. In the comic book the Black costume was picked up in Secret Wars... I wonder how they will explain it in the movie .. One thing I thought Venom would finally be a Villian but i guess if they make a 4th movie I hope he would be in it.. Great Job on these movie guys...
• Philippines
10 Mar 07
Yeah, I saw the trailer and it's cool, lots of special effects, but based on the trailer, I think Venom (the villain not the symbiote costume) will be just a preview in the 3rd movie and It will be Spiderman's greatest enemy in the 4th movie, Just a hunch.
@Jamian (2605)
• Philippines
7 Mar 07
yeah, the part three of spiderman will be the best of all for me, I am so excited with this on May! I'll gonna see this movie no matter whaT!
• Canada
4 Mar 07
the graphics look really amazing in the trailer for spiderman 3 so i am looking forward to seeing what they come up with. i also am looking forward to seeing how they made venom look. i am most excited about venom though as i hope they make him look how he is supposed to look. it looks like it is action packed to so i am looking forward to seeing what all happens. its going to be a good movie and i think the best one out of the other two.
• Philippines
2 Mar 07
For me its the CGI graphics that got my interest with this movie.