This could be the best game ever

United States
February 6, 2007 12:42pm CST
I have been following this game for over a year and it comes out in March. The way they portray it, you could play this game a hundred times and it would never be the same. I am so excited. Have any of you seen anything about it? Check it out.
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• Pakistan
16 Oct 07
I played it through and got the stupid wish granter endings T_T And I still haven't figured out who is Sterlok.
• Latvia
20 Mar 07
I am now downloading this game. It was first announced in 2002 or i might be wrong. First release was thought in 2004, but was canceled. There was announced that there will be cars in-game (LADa, KAMAZ...) but they decided to remove them. Will have to check out when will finish d-loading.
@MrTibbs (18)
• Germany
9 Feb 07
Im pretty over the moon at the moment as I just managed to get my hands on a beta key with all the compitions going on at the moment (theres still some available if you want, heres a list of places which are giving away keys ) but as yet I dont know where im supposed to download the beta client, how embaressing.... But yes I agree this game could be a great contender for best FPS of 2007, providing they can get it out (im sure you've heard its the second most delayed game in history after Duke Nukem Forever)