should i get back to her?

i luv u this much - its the picture she sent me to show how she felt for me.
@xionous (440)
February 6, 2007 1:46pm CST
i had a friend which i lost ties around 2 years ago. she used to call me almost 5 times a day and we had a lot of stuffs common. she used to understand me like no one else. we always used to have a great time. we couldnt think a single moment without eachother. everyone sayd we are like twins. we used to fight each and everyday but she used to love me like crazy and i still love her like crazy tooo from our early times. though we were best frnds. never thought to be her boy friend. i mean i wasnt thinking like that. she used to say everything about her and i told my secrets too....everything was cool until we havent had any contact for a week. i screwd up with my exams and, i was too busy and couldnt give her a call. i didnt know she's got a date coz we didnt have any conversation for a week as she didnt call me up too. she knew i was having exam and might not manage to call her up. but i didnt think she would stop calling me. so i was wondering what was up. when i was done with my exam i called her up and asked why she didnt call me up. we had a normal conversation and everything was fine but i felt like she was hiding something from me and i was wondering what was that! a few days later i felt like she is having a date and asked her if my guess was right, she kept silent for few moments and said she was dating with a guy from last week while i was busy with my exam. i didnt have any problem with her boy friend and it was good for her as she used to feel sad about having no bf. but i got pissd of as she didnt tell me and asked, why didnt u tell me? she kept silent again and said, i though you wont appreciate. i was wondering why wouldnt i! and told her i had no problem but indeed she pissed me off keeping it a secret. then i started to call her like i did it be4. but she started to call me less everyday. after a month she started to call me once in a week and it was weired, i mean i wasnt happy with that. i shouted on her and said if she can call me everyday i will be with her or i will not be there anymore, all of a sudden she said i wont stop u if u want to break the friendship and i was wondering what was up! i said okay im done with this boolshit and i dont want u to call me never in my life and i wont call u up. i thought she will call me up coz we did this before and she used to call me up everytime i stopped talking to her. i have been waiting for her call. i know i being a jerk i didnt call her from that time but she could call me. now 2 years has gone by, she didnt call me for once and i still love her like crazy, still miss her everyday and whenever my phone rings i hear her voice like she's for real. i dont wanna call her up but i miss her a lot. we have lots of picture togather and few days back i found one in my desk, she was hugging me and kissing me in my check and i was smiling like a dumb! we took that picture after we had a fight. that was a sweet mamory. until now i miss her like crazy and sometimes feel like i should call her up at least for once for god shake just to say 'hi'. what should i do? do you think getting back to her is the best idea? its really bugging me.
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@wesderby (178)
• United States
6 Feb 07
If you still have her number, give her a call. If she doesn't want to speak to you, I'm sure she'll let you know. If she's willing to re-start the friendship, then that's great...But, you'll never know what's going to happen unless you give it a shot. If you do get in touch, you should definitely apologize to her for the way things ended. It sounds like you could've handled things a bit better, from what you said in your post...Granted, she could've handled things differently as well, but she was probably annoyed with you for yelling/getting mad at her because she went a week or whatever without calling you...Sounds more like a jealous BF than a best friend. Good luck.
@xionous (440)
• Belgium
7 Feb 07
o comon man dont call me a jelous boy friend! hell no! i mean may b u r right and may b i am wrong but how do u know? i have never felt like that way. i just miss her a lot. okay may b that was my fault and i could have handled things better but anyway u gave me a good point of view. and thnx for the advice. i need to know if others think the same and ill wait for a few more responses and ill do what majority says. lets see what is up with her!
@naadia (830)
• India
11 Feb 07
i agree with you.If you still have her number, give her a call!me too facing some problem with my love!and by apologizing you don't loose any thing,but you can gain something,your love!sometime you have to do things to last your love.say a sorry and love her more than you did in past.i am sure she will excuse you!i can understand her feeling.and sure she too loves you!
@xionous (440)
• Belgium
12 Feb 07
thnx for your response nadia. i know i love her and i think she still remembers me. well honestly enough i dont think she loves me. she had that boy friend and i think she's still with him and prosibilities are they got married. and i was wondering if i go back to her whether that would be a mess to her life. also i doubt she still has the place for me. and why would i go back to her coz im just a friend to her and she doesnt need any friend any more coz she have her bf?