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February 6, 2007 2:36pm CST
I found out I have many different Native American Ancestry.I have Creek, Cherokee,Apache,and then some African American as well.No one who know this by the coloring of my family.It only comes out every once in a while ,my dad ,is red skinned,with black hair, and dark brown eyes, and high forehead,and my oldest daughter has dark brown,black hair with black -brown eyes and tan skinned.She was born so dark everyone thought I must have cooked her by being outi n the sun too much while I was pregnant!LOL! I am waiting to see if any of my failies kids ' kids come out dark as well. Because they wouldn't understand.Due to my probing into our past I found out why there are tann or red skined family members,and I have tried to tell them but they say I am crazy.But my cousin went to her dentish to have a tooth cut out and found out it was one that was only in the native american.She almost fell over, cause to look at her you would say she's Swedish or something.We do have Irish and Scottish and Hungarian in us as well as German.What about any one, do you have family like this?
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8 Feb 07
Great discussion you have started. I am half cherokee and the other parts are german,irish,scottish,seminole and british. U look like my dads fmaily- dark hair,eyes and skin and never fit in with my moms side as I looked different. I got my name Heidi from the german side of course when they came over in 1874. I am very proud of my cherokee heritage. I would love to be added to your friends list! *hugs*