A kids play but a hard ones to play.

@noypi07 (109)
United States
February 6, 2007 2:45pm CST
Badminton is a fun and easy to look at ,but ones you start and known how to play it,it's hard.You see people playing badminton in the park or in the yard.Have you seen the tournament of badminton in the gym. You'll be amaze of the feathercock/ shuttlecock start traveling 100 m/sec or much more faster,and if your not taking aware of the shuttlecock it might give a loose of sight.In Asia people like malaysian,chinese and Filipinos. We are very good in playing that game.I just wonder why are american don't get involve in playing that game badminton? Is that becoz it like a child game.Just to think to it american has the advantage, why is becoz of there hieght and reach they can easily block the shuttlecock and smash it to the opponent side.It's only few here in the state have badminton court I hope the by the future years they will enjoy playing it not in the park and yard but in the court?
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