@jrk0624 (406)
United States
October 11, 2006 11:25am CST
Do you think aliens exist on other planets?
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@neon2000 (2761)
• Philippines
12 Oct 06
Aliens exist on other planets and are with us. We just don't know but I'm sure they are with us long time ago.
• India
12 Oct 06
yes i believe aliens are real.we are not alone in this world and there are millions of life supporting planets in our galaxy alone.
@zahir_dk (1693)
• India
12 Oct 06
Dont know whether they exist or not. But saw some pics which claim that the objetc in the pic is a UFO and also read some stories said by some persons who claim that they have seen the UFO's. If these all is the truth then they surely do exist. Here is the story Age: 47 Occupation: Management Jan. 1995 - Near Swindon England. I was driving along at about 9:30pm in the evening - when I saw an aircraft off to my left with its landing lights on, approaching me. It was too far away and dark - to see its outline. I continued to drive along the dual carriage way road. Traffic was light. I had the car radio on. It was raining slightly. As I began to drive up an incline in the road ahead - suddenly a huge black shape passed across the road - about 100 yards ahead and about 100 feet up - I guess. Size I would say about 3 football pitches in size. I slowed down - but for some reason continued to drive at about 40 mph. Several cars passed me from the opposite direction - none seemed to slow or be aware of this object. Soon I was almost underneath it. I turned the radio off and wound my driver side window down. I listened - there was no noise at all. I watched as it passed over me silently. It was a strange diamond shape - Pointed at both ends - but with the pointed ends cut square. The underneath was interlaced with what looked like hundreds of small pipes and ducts - like the back of a refrigerator. Also the underside showed about 20 or so twinkling lights mostly white but some orange and red. I watched as it passed in front of me - it then turned and passed along parallel to me on the other side of the carriageway - as I watched - it passed over a field and I saw the sheep running and scattering in the field. Then the craft shone a solid looking beam of purple light down onto the sheep. I saw it light the sheep and field. Then it passed slowly on. I took my eyes away for a moment to check the road ahead. When I looked back - it was gone. The dashboard clock in the car showed 9:35 pm - I checked this with my watch - both said the same. So no apparent magnetic interference. One point - in order to pass in front of me and then turn as it did - it must have deliberately changed course from its original line of flight - when I first saw it approaching with three bright lights on its front. (If the lights were the same thing of course) I also saw one bright light underneath it, near the front(?) as it passed over me. One other point, I was driving down to visit my mother who was very ill in the hospital at the time. Was I tired/perhaps hullucinating? Dont know, but those are the facts.