I just sold my first article for $15! Would you like to earn some the same way?

@kltejeda (101)
United States
February 6, 2007 4:35pm CST
This site is pretty neat. You simply write your article (sometimes about something specific someone wants you to write) and post it. People view a sample and decide if they want to purchase it. They have a choice to purchase a combination of usage or full rights for your article and you get paid accordingly. I think it's genius and it's a fairly simple way to make some extra cash if you enjoy writing (Like I do!). Here's the link:http://www.constant-content.com/?href=8659 you won't regret joining! I sure don't. I have about 16 or 17 articles and such that I wrote for college that I can sell now! Not to mention the fact that I can write on my spare time and make some extra cash while I'm at it. Just for discussion purposes...what do you like to write about? I've been thinking about writing a fiction novel, but I haven't come around to writing it, because I have so much I want to write into it. Sometimes I think it's too much. Do you guys have trouble when it comes to thinking up ideas for a book??
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