Will U admit your faults or simply passify ?

@runsgame (2033)
February 6, 2007 9:11pm CST
Mistakes and defects are always common . of course we are human being . to err is common . hav u ever admitted your mistakes. or do u have the habit of admitting your faults / . any such incidence may please be shared here.
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• Melbourne, Florida
7 Feb 07
We often have a hard time looking at ourselves objectively. Seeing ourselves just 'as we are'. Some of us have been conditioned to see only the bad. We had parents who were condescending, while others of us have a hard time admiting our faults. One of the ways we can still see ourselves free of opinion is by reading astrology. I don't like to admit these things about me, but as a Taurus, I'm lazy, and stubborn, and it's okay because I'm a Taurus. But as a mom, and a wife, as a person of 'societies standards' I don't want to say that I'm a procrasitator, and move at the speed of molassas. But honestly, once I realized that I was lazy for a reason, I embraced that part of me, instead of being ashamed of myself. Since then, I've published two books. And it's this being able to sit still has brought me all around the world, via the computer.
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@shywolf (4520)
• United States
7 Feb 07
I am really aware of my faults and my good points. I don't try to point my faults out too often in public, though, but I don't want to draw other people's attention to them, lol! But I know that I am used to getting my way because I have been fairly spoiled by my family. I know that I am also a rather jealous person, although I am trying very hard to work on that as much as I can. I also know that I need too much to be liked, and worry too much about what other people think of me. If you can consider that last one a fault, anyway, because I think that I do. I really would be a stronger, less shy person if I weren't so worried about other people liking me.