February 6, 2007 9:21pm CST
eveybody has his/herv own ambitions and dreamz some wanna become doctors ,engineers ,business tycoons ,journalists n many more but according to u wat is the best profession suited in this era which could give u everythng money ,satisfaction,luxuries..........?????
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@ethanmama (1746)
• Philippines
7 Feb 07
There is REALLY no best profession. We need everybody...doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects, teachers, businessmen, preachers, our society. What is best for a particular person is the profession where his/her interests lie, and where he/she would be most happy and fulfilled.
• India
8 Feb 07
i am in a proffession of my interest but through this experience i have learned that "when proff. becomes a hobby there is no hobby left"