February 6, 2007 9:50pm CST
i recently gave up my job because of the travelling i have to do to get to work (approximately 5 hours o the road!) well, it wasnt really my planned. if only my supervisor understand dysmennorhea... anyways, i now started training for another company which is closer to where i live (like 30 minutes by public transportation). my problem is: i love the environment at my previous workplace. i love the people, the place... though the pay is good, m not taking home that much because of the travel expenses that i am making... right now, im in a company where i dont feel like i belong. they talk a diifrent language, they talk about things that dont interest me... and stuff like that.. i really feel sad that i have to leave my other job because of the travel stress that i am getting. now im thinking if i should just endure the pain and be happy with the other company or just stick with this company and give it a try... if u were me, what would you do? would you settle for a company that is nice to work with but stressful to go to? or you'll try to fit in a place where u feel like you're in the oute space and get your daily 8 hours (and more!) sleep? sorry this is too long. i appreciate a responce...
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@GardenGerty (106802)
• United States
7 Feb 07
For your own health and well being you need to not be travelling that much, and you should always make sure you get enough sleep. It is hard when you are new on the job. You need to give it time, and count your blessings about the positives of not having to travel, and not spending money on travelling. Choose to look on the good side, and pretty soon you will no longer be in outer space, but will be a valued co-worker at the new job.
• Philippines
7 Feb 07
thank you so much... geez... at times i cant help question myself if im being materialistc cos even though im spending too much money for my travel, it still pays off and im taking home more money than what im going to get in my new company...hehehe... thanks again..