how do you deal with separation anxiety?

United States
February 6, 2007 10:07pm CST
i've gone back to work just recently and have put my son to daycare. i thought i was emotionally ready for this but as soon as i am in the office, i can't take my mind off him. i know this is a normal reaction for mommies but i am worried because it might affect my work performance because my mind seems to wander off thinking about him. i love my job and i've longed to get back to the corporate world but the thought of not seeing him the whole day just stops me from performing well. any tips that you can share with me? i know my son has adjusted already because the moment he sees his playmates, he's totally forgotten about us.
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• Philippines
7 Feb 07
Maybe it would help if you get to know the people working at the daycare so you would be more relaxed knowing that your child is safe there. Busy yourself with work and keep yourself motivated that the reason why you're working is for the future of your kid so you cant afford to let your worries affecting your performance negatively. It's good to hear that your son himself has already adjusted and is comfortable in the daycare with other kids and people. So, dont worry too much and just let your son discover a whole new world outside the walls of your home and your company.
• United States
7 Feb 07
thanks purplehaze! the daycare is safe, clean and homey since it's homebased and we're in constant communication with the owner. we also welcome the thought of our son discovering the new world outside our home. and yes you're right, i am working to give him a good future. as they say...this too shall pass!