February 7, 2007 2:41am CST
he was never bornand never died... he just visited ithe earth between 1931 to 1990.he was an indian spritual teacher. he was better known as bhagwan shree rajneesh..he claimed that highest values in life are love , meditation and attaining spritual enlightment, he ask the people to accept the life as it is,.. no philosophy can explain the whole thing to the people.. that was his philosophy of nophiloshopy..
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• India
8 Feb 07
Your first line just quotes what is written on the samadhi of Osho. And you are also true about what his preachings were all about. I came in influence of Osho's literature when I was 15, an age not enough to grasp fully what his sayings were about. But since then I have came a long way. Now I not only understand his preaches but also admire them!!! One more thing he is more famous as Osho which was the name given to him by his followers. The name actually means Omnipotent. Rajneesh was his real name!!!