English Goes Corrupted

February 7, 2007 3:37am CST
It is sad that English goes to very low extent in the present time, when global interaction is almost impossible without this queen of languages.King's English and queen's English are terms going out of use.Outrage to English is done every second and the worst of written English gets displayed even on B.B.C,English learning Message boards.Violation of grammar and spelling is rampant even on the blurbs accompanying the advertisements of Englsh schools,blowing their trumpets of high quality education.Nobody insists on the quality of language and even standard newspapers and journals pay no heed.Modern day journalistic English also is written in distorted language and the undue liberties that some writers take make spell bound any conventional learner.Archaic words and phrases are enlivened and represented as novelty,making genuine seekers condemn such efforts as impudence. Things must change and English must maintain its dignity.
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