is it here we are lacking of tatu's fans???

February 7, 2007 4:28am CST
ermm, tatu's fans are so minor here..
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• Malaysia
8 Feb 07
yupp.. here is lack of tatu fans.. so then we should intensify our campaign to our favorite "tatu".. hahaha... i really like the songs titled " gomenasai " and as well as " all about us ".... :)
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4 Dec 07
hey...a new tatu fan has arrived :P
• Calgary, Alberta
22 Jul 16
I just raped the replay button with the song " you and I" and "No regret" Tatu opened my eyes with European music. American mainstream music is inferior to Russian Music.
• Argentina
14 Sep 07
yes! you are right! i dont know what happend with tatu´s fans! perhaps tatu is not very popular now! but it was!
• United States
20 Mar 07
The fact that the two women have completely different sounding voices and the unique rock/techno mix makes for a special band. It is sad that rumors of the two being gay hurt the over all view of tATu. They are special and together they make an awesome duet. If this band falls so to does a spectacular sound. I love their words, the music done by those with talent, and the overall arangement. There might not be many tATu fans but those of us who are know good sound when we hear it. Long live Katina and Volkova and tATu!
• Argentina
20 Feb 07
i love tatu!! i love russian versions of the best songs!! is there any all about us russian version? thanks