Marry for MONEY

February 7, 2007 5:33am CST
Do u think there are some people who marries only for money..if the girl has a lot of cash then they go behind that girl and get married with that girl and take her u think this type of people still exist?
4 responses
@deepuj (591)
• India
7 Feb 07
My fiend in this world all kinds of ppl exist, from the most kind to the most cruel, from the most honest to most cunning, so no suprise if we find something like the ones u mentioned.
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
7 Feb 07
exactly, everything is possible among humans lol
• United States
15 Feb 07
there are A LOT of people who do that... young girls marrying rich old guys, or young boys married a rich old lady... money talks man.
@Piratesware (2890)
• Indonesia
7 Feb 07
ya ..sometime girls do that..cause girl s has high lifestyle and the high living cost make them want married with rich guy.
• Saint Vincent And The Grenadines
7 Feb 07
of course they exist. When you see a 27 year old girl that marries a 65 year old millionaire man (or vice versa) why do you think they do? i admit that in some cases it can happen that money has nothing to do...but in 90 percent of them it's one of the main factors, no doubt. If someone with a LOT of money, a millionaire, gets close to you, likes you, and you think he's ok...and u have the chance of obtaining a great life and lots of money...many ppl would marry...and it would be basically for the money.