Manny Paquiao: Sometimes I wish him getting knocked out by his opponent!!!

@abednego7 (1060)
February 7, 2007 7:16am CST
He is the most popular boxing icon in our history, the only Filipino boxer become known not only in our dear country Philippines but around the globe in unbelievable way. Many of our youth idolize him and dreaming someday to be like what he is now. When he fights time in our land become still as if we are in Neverland, even criminals consider the date of his fights as holidays. We admire him for bringing such passion in boxing and bringing honor to our motherland. But now some of his act become logically confusing; signing of two contracts from rival promotional outfits, then the latest is his plan to run for government position. The latter is the worst considering that politics is the most dirty career anyone could have in our country. I don't have to elaborate why. He's having a glamorous career in boxing and his only 28 years old. I don't understand why he should take the politics and boxing simultaneously? I am afraid he is being greedy, he has the money now he wants power and he thinks being a great boxer could help him to be a responsible government official? Sometimes I wish him to be knocked out by his opponent the next time he will be in the ring. Somehow that would bring his old humble spirit to him and just stick to what he is great: in boxing.
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@JB0381 (16)
15 Apr 07
I agree with you. I salute him for being a great boxer. Bring honor to our countrymen and inspire all other Filipinos to follow his foot step. But I HATE when he announced of his running for Congressman. whatta STUPID decision!! Well, I don't he made this decision himself.I'm sure it's because of other politicians who're just using him for POPULARITY. Since he got the wealth to pay for the votes though... things like that. I can say Paquiao great BOXER, but STUPID POLITICIAN!
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@abednego7 (1060)
• Philippines
16 Apr 07
My foretelling just came short because Manny Paquiao just did it again. Winning a bout from Jorge Solis a technical knock out in 8 rounds. This event will only add momentum to his mind that he really can take it to congress. Sadly but true his popularity soars up upon his winning and people in his district will just love it and will elect their "Honorable Representative Manny Paquiao".