Borat movie is funny!!

February 7, 2007 10:31am CST
Some people says that borat is a bad movie, because he makes fun of other citizenships and religions. Hello!! It's a comedy:) If you are a jew, dont take it seriously:)
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• Romania
7 Feb 07
i don't like borat ... it is bad filmed and it's a stupid movie ... my opinion ...
@stoody (23)
• Israel
12 Feb 07
i disagree with you. i think that sasha is a great character and he makes borat very well and also that he's very funny... when i saw that movie i almost cried from fun... it was awsome
@magusto (561)
• Portugal
23 Feb 07
i dont really think borat is so funny at all
@Asafbs (154)
• Israel
12 Feb 07
I think Borat is without a doubt the funniest movie I've ever seen!!!
@Heikki81 (28)
• Finland
8 Feb 07
jep it was hilarious , jokes was so over line .. but i liked it too.
@chocobaby (679)
• Philippines
8 Feb 07
most comedy movies that hit have scenes that make fun of people and full of insults. i personally enjoyed watching Borat. the funny scenes looks natural and real. the main character doesn't mind being insulted, or being the subject of fun. in fact, he is the writer and the producer the said movie.
@shatman (728)
8 Feb 07
borat is a quality film, very funny, yes it makes fun of other people but that happens in life doesnt it. i think it is very well thought out and has a good storyline and overall is just so funny, i dnt think i have cried so much by laughing