first birthdays

February 7, 2007 10:38am CST
im a so excited om my baby's first birthday. i do all the planning with the help of my family. i know this would be a memorable one. how do you plan to celbrate your baby's bday? or if you already had one, how was it?
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@selina0625 (1383)
• Philippines
17 Feb 07
Five months from now, my son will be celebrating his first birthday.I'm so excited. I would probably have his first birthday at Jollibee.As long as the whole family will be there, I know that it will be memomrable.
@gnamarie (39)
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
My daughter's 1st birthday is on June 2, but as early as now, I have been busy with all the preparations. I do all the planning as well with the help of my sister. I already reserved a venue and the caterer. The party theme is going to be hello kitty & friends. So many ideas keep popping into my mind. Its fun and exciting to go through the preparation stage. But I am enjoying every minute of it. =)
@jrs404 (32)
• Philippines
10 Feb 07
You don't have to spend a lot to make your baby happy! And your baby so cute, everybody would love to extend their resources to have a blastful birthday party for the cutest of all hhehehe. I did the party invitations and the balloon decors. I went to Divisoria for the candies, prizes for the games, and lootbags. Since we have a restaurant, I bought the ingredients and have them cook and serve in our venue. My mom provided my baby's party dress and the lechon baka. My sister - my baby's ninang - provided the avp, soft ice cream, and the bubble show. I got a party host so I can entertain the guests. I ordered for cake and cupcakes from a local supplier in our area at Bulacan. I got Zagu foodcart - since we have a stall and Nachos for food carts. I just paid for a photographer's labor and got the CD. I did not spend much, everybody's full with lots of food, everybody went home happy. Some even commented that the party looked like a debut party. My baby was so happy. Everything is worth preparing. Next party - 7years old if she'll be a good girl. For photos:
• United States
9 Feb 07
first birthdays be always celebrated with party & fun.... usually a kiddie party with lots of balloons , games , toys & prizes. many may hire magician or mascots to entertain the kids & adults then having lots of finger foods like pork BBQ , crispy chicken bites , hotdogs , chips & popcorns. as for some belief there should be a noodles or spaghetti as a sign for good luck & long life. kids would love to go home with giveaways or loot bags too:)
@alfa62603 (192)
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
Oh it turned out GREAT!!!!...I planned my daughter's first bday from Cebu but it was held in Manila...I never expected that I would come up to have plenty of children during the party... I did mostly the computer/art works like invitations, guest/wish book, name tags, giveaway tags, centerpiece tags to myself, even the balloon cenerpieces and decorations, i did everything :0 I really enjoyed doing that..the theme was "teddy bears"
@maribel1218 (3085)
• Philippines
7 Feb 07
Hi joaquin412! Welcome to myLot! Our son's birthday is the occasion we always want to foot our one foot forward in, exert extra effort and do all the best we can to make the celebration not only merry but also meaningful. My 3 year old son celebrated his birthday last october and we go crazy preparing 3 months before the said occasion and even my husband is not here because he works abroad he contact me and get every single detail so that the party will run smoothly and it does. We can't make the occasion possible without the help of our relatives and friends and most of all the most important thing is that we make our son smile so sweet because we want to give the best birthday he can ever have.