HipHop = deadly music???

February 7, 2007 11:10am CST
Many ppl say that HipHop and other music make ppl feel mad, angry, depressed and some even say that music can kill.. i say that is BULLSHIT, music dont kill, ppl kill ppl, and i dont think you can blame the music for it... maybe im wrong... What do you think?
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• United States
11 May 07
I think music inspires people and most of the time younger people try to be just like their favorite MC, actor, artist,etc. For example, fashion in the U.S. Alot of time you see kids who listen to rock, dressed just like the rockers in the music videos, same with hiphop, pop, disco,etc. So I do think that if a musician is doing something negative, he/she will inspire their fans to do the same. I love hiphop, but I also blame hiphop for turning my generation into a bunch of misogynists. So at the end of the day, if someone listens to "the heist" by Big L, and actually goes out and pulls a heist and kills 4 people, just like in the song, it is still the listeners responsibility for their own actions. And most of all if they're under age, it is their guardians responsibility to moniter what they are listening to.