boredom and rambling

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February 7, 2007 2:13pm CST
Ok, so I am bored. Which is completely unusual. I have a sick 5 month old baby, and a sick 33 year old husband. You would think I would be running around like a lunatic. And I was until a little while ago. They are both medicated and napping. So I am bored. Here is your chance to talk about whatever you want. I will respond to everyone. :) Of course as soon as I post this one of them will wake up. LOL
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@jan1972 (80)
7 Feb 07
I sympathise greatly with you. I have a sick 7 month old, sick 3 year old, sick 11 year old and my niece is staying who is also ill now she's 15 years old. My other half is playing on world of warcraft trying to pretend everything is normal. I've managed to get all the kids off to sleep, so I'm grabbing a few minutes of me time, before I start again. Might have to disconnect the internet tommorrow and force OH to help me.
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8 Feb 07
You poor thing. You must be completely ragged. I am at a loss with 2 of them, and one of those is supposed to be a grownup. I would be feeling completely looney tunes with 4 kids sick in the house. I had my nephew for a few hours the other day, he is 4 and sick also. I actually suspect he is the one that gave it to the baby, who gave it to the husband. Anyway, I was so relieved when my sister picked him up. You definately deserve a little you time. :). I will be so glad when the flu/cold season is over.