ARE noble expectations of noble parents..... noble ?

February 7, 2007 2:37pm CST
am an indian citizen.. During my tennis practice session,daily i see a man coaching his son arnd 4-5 yr old..& he wants him to become pro.player so badly.. that his attitude usually turns harsh.. sometimes he hits him with ball, shout angrily,even the children arnd get frightened.Sometimes he even slaps him when he wanders... .... How far do u think this is terms of expectations ,dreams of parents 4 their children and watsoever.... And What would u do to if u were in place of me.. to stop this...
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• Malaysia
11 Feb 07
hi, i'm totally sorry for that kid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can you do something on it?? i'm afraid if that kid will grow up in the non stable emotional stage. i know his farther's desire. but in order to let the kid in the maximum performance that kid must do something that's really come from his heart. so he'll do it in such enjoy, happy, happy learning process, passion and of course gaining his performance better than ever. a kid needs lot of love,warm,spirits,passion and guidance from the parent. i have a suggestion **** what if you try to be closed to that kid first...slowly you can be his best friend and could dig his heart widely.if you know that he doesn't enjoy with tennis try to make friends with his daddy. but, don't ever say directly that his son doesn't like it. in this world there are lot of sports type. from swimming to football. that kid can choose any of them. if that kid hates sport he could do something else likescience and astronomy. well, having fame and success are not in sports only. the best idol is NICOLE ANN DAVID. she is the world champion of squash. she started train since she was a tiny kid sort of 5/6 but his farther never urged her to do so. she did it by her own will. now on she's the first Asia woman who success to be the world championship in squash and in the same time she's the youngest player who hold the world championship of squash. She's from Malaysia :)