Rhode island...the gheto side

@reaperz (1266)
United States
February 7, 2007 3:13pm CST
Lol i use to live in Rhode island but moved to florida....The place where i lived in rhode island was the gheto parts :} It was pretty cool in the ghetos.....anyone else here lived in the ghetos?
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24 Jun 07
No. Which area of the great state of Rhode Island were you referring to as the ghetto (I may remind you someone went to prison in Rhode Island for patenting a game like "Monopoly" although it depicted Rhode Island and was named "Ghettopoly". They sentenced him to prison. You lived in South Providence, is it safe to say someplace close to this area, as there aren't many areas I can think of as this. Never did, although in other states, lived in colorful areas rather than the areas you so name. I did hear the Florida weather is nice, and it's five months since you've asked this. I answered because this is the only question about Rhode Island. I have friends in Florida. They don't live in a ghetto, it is nice. Lakeland I think it is. I have friends near Miami. I have children so I wouldn't ever purposely live in a ghetto, although it is a personal choice.