Are you interested in learning a foreign language?

February 7, 2007 7:19pm CST
I've studied english for more than ten years and still working on it now. Back in school, i learned it for my study, now i learn it for my interest. The proble is i am working in a Korean-oriented Co., so i need to learn another foreign language--Korean. Moreover, i studied it all by myself. Several months have passed, i am becoming a little interested in Korean but these two foreign languages often fight on my mind when i switch one to another! It's funny while carking!What's your experience?
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• Philippines
8 Feb 07
I can say that i am good in speaking english because it has been a part of our school curriculum and almost all of our subjects are being taught in english. Way back in college, i was interested in learning japanese, so i did enrol in that class. it was fun at first but as we learned the more advanced language, i really find it difficult, i survived and finish the semester learning it but i think i still need to learn more nihingo in order to speak the language. Im also interested to learn how to speak friench and im hoping that i can enrol in that subject to.
• Hong Kong
9 Feb 07
en, until now I have learned two foreigh languages, English and Russian. and English is the main foreign language I use most often. I am still a student in university reading for my Doctore degree, and I read many papers writen in English everyday, and those papers benefit me very much in my research work. I also have learned Russian for about one year, but to be frank, Russian is so difficult, not only in the pronunciation but also in the grammar. I have tried my best to learn it while I still can't speak it fluntly. I have not practised it for about two years, and now I am not familliar with the pronunciation and grammar, even can't remember some simple words. ^_^. It is a shame to say that! I am also intersted in Korean because I like the Korean dish. But I only know some simple words in Korean, such as the words to say hello, thanks, and bye.^_^. Have a nice day!!