why do our parents poster rules that is not rightful to our part?

February 7, 2007 8:58pm CST
they said that our parents knows whats best for us.yet their are certain situation where in they failed to understand our part. the rule that they impose is no longer good for our upbringing
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• Philippines
8 Feb 07
Remember that your parents are people too who are bound to commit mistakes despite having in them all the good intentions. If you are really convinced that there are some rules they are giving out which are not applicable at all to your present condition, talk to them. Whom are you closer to, dad or mom? When you find dad or mom in his/her coolest hours, approach and ask if you can have a heart to heart talk. Ask mom/dad not to be angry with you because you just them to hear your side. You may win your war this way and this is the best way to do it.