Have you ever abused another person?

United States
February 7, 2007 9:53pm CST
Without being specific, have you ever abused another?
4 responses
• United States
8 Feb 07
No.... I havent been offensive and I have been very careful about speaking about another because the opposite person might be of another race or religion or caste... But abuse in the sense of speaking bad words or swearing then YES... I havent got into any fights since 8th grade....
@mikekire (146)
• Nigeria
8 Feb 07
Yes. I did but the regret is still lingering in my mind. The worst thing is that i cannot find the person to express how sorry i am.
@mr_ular (842)
• Malaysia
8 Feb 07
No i would not abuse to anyone.Its not good.We as a human being must love each other.
@blindedfox (3316)
• Philippines
8 Feb 07
Nope. I haven't 'abused' anyone in my 22 years of living. And I have no plans whatsoever in the future. =) Thanks!