What kinds of sports are you interested in??

February 8, 2007 1:09am CST
I love sports. I used to play volleyball in high school. Although I'm not super good at it, I really enjoy playing it. Just recently, I've been doing a lot of basketball. I chose it for my P.E. class. Just an hour ago, I was doing Michael Jordan shots! I'm pretty proud of myself! wink! wink! How about you? Are you interested in any kind of sports?
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• Philippines
24 Mar 07
I played volleyball in grade school.. badminton, table tennis and chess in high school.. basketball and once again, table tennis in college.. and when I was in med school, I was part of the table tennis, basketball and volleyball varsity teams..
@dyupe_moe (225)
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
The only sport that I had formal lessons was swimming. I only know three strokes and I can't compete because I'm really slow. lol. But I'm into badminton for the past three years and I have been joining competitions for the not so really good players. :D
• Philippines
22 Mar 07
i'm not much of a sport fanatic...but i love playing volleyball...i'm not actually good at it but i enjoy playing it with my josephian friends...and i'm proud to say that i got the highest score in our practical test in PE...i was not even expecting it...i'm slim and my arms are not that strong...i wonder why...heheheh..i guess i was just lucky that day... i also love badminton...i think i'm gonna try playing it on summer...oooh i'm getting excited... oh i hate bowling...i didn't get a high score when we had our practical exam in bowling...thank god...there was a written test...and i nailed it...really thank god
@Lifeless (2638)
• India
8 Feb 07
I m really interested in playing basketball, cricket, table tennis and lawn tennis. I play any of them whenevr i get time. In my school days, i used to play football a lot, but gradually lost interest in it coz there were not much guys in my locality who loved that sport. Nowadays, i have acquired a new hooby, Bowling. Its really fun, whn i m with my frnds we definately play that. I also njoy playing billiards.