what is kangaroo care?

mother and child - newly born baby in the chest of his mom...
@alecs76 (657)
February 8, 2007 5:19am CST
tell me everything about kangaroo care. how to do it, effects, etc.
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• Canada
12 Feb 07
kangaroo care was a very common practice for us at the hospital when my daughter was born. because she was born 3 months preemature and was so thin and tiny she coulnd't keep her body temp up. therefore kangaroo care was the best way for us to get to hold her with out letting her get cold. the baby is naked with just a diaper and you take your shirt off and hold her against your chest, skin to skin. then wrap up the blanket around the baby to keep her back warm. it is good for keeping the body of the baby very warm and cozy. i'm not sure of any other health reasons to do it.
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• Philippines
14 Feb 07
similar to a kangaroo protecting her offspring by carrying her babay often in her pouch....
@cultoffury (1283)
• India
9 Feb 07
I am an Indian and in India we don't find kangaroos. I think kangaroos are found in Australia. So, are you having one? That should be cool. How old is it? Or are you just planning to get one for yourself. I think kangaroo is a vegetarian, right?