How to deal with a nagging mother?

February 8, 2007 5:30am CST
Okay before you react, I understand that mothers are naturally naggers. Infact I might become one in the future. But I just can't understand my very own mother... she talks and makes issueS on everything. I can't seem to concentrate with my work (school stuffs) when I'm at home because of her always yelling. I perfectly would understand if she would be acting like this only if the situation asks of her to nag...say for example I did something wrong then that would justify her insufferable whining. But she does not... i hope she gives me a break, and not let me suffer with the mistakes of others at home. To mothers and their children, what can you say about this? I always try to understand her, but I just can't. She's totally unbelievable when this happens. I want her to change, can i change her?