How to deal with a nagging mother?

February 8, 2007 5:30am CST
Okay before you react, I understand that mothers are naturally naggers. Infact I might become one in the future. But I just can't understand my very own mother... she talks and makes issueS on everything. I can't seem to concentrate with my work (school stuffs) when I'm at home because of her always yelling. I perfectly would understand if she would be acting like this only if the situation asks of her to nag...say for example I did something wrong then that would justify her insufferable whining. But she does not... i hope she gives me a break, and not let me suffer with the mistakes of others at home. To mothers and their children, what can you say about this? I always try to understand her, but I just can't. She's totally unbelievable when this happens. I want her to change, can i change her?
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• United States
9 Feb 07
No body can change anyone my dear. I am sorry your mom nags and upsets you. Try talking to her when she is calm, and tell her how you feel, nicely. Maybe mom is bi polor, and cannot help it and needs help. Do you have a father you can talk to? I do hope things will work out for you dear. Blessings, M&M
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@redxph (180)
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
The best thing you could do is to prove your mother that the things that she says to you are wrong. Trust is earned, and as far as mothers are concerned you'll always see the cautious side of their intuition will never expire. Because the simple reason for that is that they love you, they don't want you to be in a situation that you'll regret. My point is, earn her trust and never let that trust be crushed. So that you'll have your lewey into things ^_^
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