Domain Names

February 8, 2007 12:06pm CST
I've always been used with free websites like or geocites, but i am planning to get a own domain name like I have some few confusions on this, 1. While using freewebs, my website will be 2. If i get my own domain name, it will be Well, there are lots of sites like godaddy, hostgater, yahoo small business and much more. If i register with hostgater for example and get a domain name say And its registerd. Good. Next, i go to godaddy and try to regsiter the same name like, will it gets register? Since hostgater and godaddy are two different companys. I am really confused. 3. There is something like called bandwidth. What is that? Is it that if our site has reached some limited traffic, then it will be blocked and we will need to pay to extend our traffic limit? Please clear my queries. Thanks.
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