Crossroads of life

Son at halloween....hulk goes commando - My son playing in a hulk mask.  He loves the cammo clothes, and it just seemed to fit.
@vkkesu (78)
United States
February 8, 2007 12:10pm CST
When you travel down the road of life, there are many decisions to be made. Some are easier than others. How do you decide which direction or which fork in the road to take. Do you seem to always do your own thing and end up doing it the hard way (which usually looked easier at first?) or do you take advice in hand, tuck your head down, and run through the rough spots knowing you'll be fine eventually?I guess I have tried to change and realize that eventually, it will all work out if you try your best, and let nature ...or god... take control. Any idea? The photo is my son...I think he will always have to try first and learn later. He's stubborn!!! just like grandpa....ok like me too. lol
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